Freshtime’s value is smarter care of perishables by all who touch them—manufacturers, transporters, retailers, service providers, and consumers. Its long-term benefits include freshness-trusted suppliers, a food supply whose nutrient value is undepleted, trusted administration of drugs with their potency intact, adhesives that have not been temperature abused, organic cosmetics whose quality can be maintained even after opening, and flower arrangements that last at least seven days from purchase.

What can you do with Freshtime ?

  • Match customer’s quality and freshness preferences with your inventory
  • Differentiate your products by freshness
  • Manage inventory based upon first in, first expired
  • Reduce toss, rejections and insurance disputes
  • Purchase ingredients by condition or freshness
  • Increase customer satisfaction as consistency of freshness is known

Predictive-analytics dashboards enable, budgeting and forecasting, analysis of data, pricing your inventory based upon freshness, and score-carding suppliers and processes. Smartphone apps for partners and consumers collect data, checkpoint locations, and send alerts.