Freshtime’s focus is on condition—specifically, the condition of a perishable, the space in which the perishable is located, the business steps the perishable experiences, the journeys it takes and the people who handle it. Freshtime’s purpose is to give you tools to help you answer “How can I preserve the value of my perishable?”

Freshtime includes RFID-EPC smart sensor tags and software. Freshtime tags monitor and log time, temperature and freshness used. We measure the freshness used Freshtime Points®. Freshtime software includes dashboards that set up and retrieve data from Freshtime tags, EPC-ID tags and barcodes, database software that stores tag data, and analytics software which generates reports and analytics about the data.

Freshtime’s magic is its metrics, Freshtime Points®. In order to quantify freshness so that it can be monitored, forecasted and budgeted, Freshtime Points are based upon the simple, elegant concept—a perishable’s life starts at 100 and ends at 0, the quality end point as set by the brand owner. With this one simple concept, perishable handlers, whether brand owners, transporters, retailers, or consumers, can make the best out of their perishables. Simply. Easily. Securely.