At the core of Infratab’s solutions is Freshtime Points®, metrics for quantifying freshness and condition.  Freshtime Points is shorthand for describing how much of a perishable's life has been used and how much is left—for use by the brand owner, the transporter, the retailer, and the consumer. Freshtime Points establishes metrics which rate a variety of conditions: of a space or location (warehouses, pre-cool rooms,  transport reefers, etc.), a routine such as a business step or a production process), a journey or the crew that handles a perishable.

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At any time in a perishable’s life, Freshtime Points provides a reference point as to the number of days left at a particular temperature until the end of the useful life of the product

We map Freshtime Points into color bands— blue for not yet ripe or frozen, green for the very freshest, and yellow, orange and red as freshness wanes. By using the color bands, food brands can determine Best Nutritional Value; consumers and chefs can pinpoint Best Flavor bands; and pharmaceutical brands can set bands for Highest Potency (of drugs, vaccines or pharmaceuticals).

Freshtime Points can be validated and audited; therefore buyers, insurers and consumers can trust the data.  For the brand this means greater consumer confidence.  For all it means longer use and reduced spoilage.  With Freshtime Points, it is now possible to monetize freshness and its care.